• Multimedia and Human Computer Interaction (COMP6341)
  • Raymond Bahana
Team Members
  • Veber Sormin (2001622614)
  • Anthony Nugroho (2001614801)
Project Summary

Kenny The Knight, is a fun educational game which is targeted for kindergarten children. In this education game we created a fun adventure game where the users has to answer all of the questions that we provide on the game in order to finish the mission. Since our main target audience are kindergarten children, we made this game with cartoon avatar and colorful background to attract our audience. We aware that this game is for kindergarten age, so we apply a simple button to move the player (character in the game). We apply the up arrow to allow the character to jump, left arrow to make the character move to the left, and right arrow to move the character to the right. We believe that this game is not only a fun game, but also an educational game.



1. Main Menu

We Created the main menu by adding a Movie to the object bars. For the movie it self was made by Veber using Adobe Premiere Pro.


2. Instruction 

There will be a small information Pop out. It is basically a information on how to move the Character.


3. Adventure Part 1 (Find the Differences) 

  • Instructor

In this section, the user will meet their guide (a woman) whom will tell the user what to do for the first round.


  • The Game play

The user need to move the character to the moving question mark in order to solve the puzzle.


  • The Puzzle

There are three puzzle that we made for this game. One question mark has one question, so there will be a total of 3 puzzle in this round.

Each puzzle has 2 picture (left and right) and the user have to find 5 differences on each puzzle.

  • Timer

We created a timer to make it more challenging, so the user has to be very careful because they only got 1 minute to solve the puzzle. If within 1 minute they have not solve it they need to do it all over again.

  • Break the wall

Every time the user completed the puzzle, the wall will no longer blocking their way. In a nutshell they need to answer each puzzle correctly in order to reach the finish flag and go the next round.


4. Adventure Part 2 (Click the Animals and Grab the Crown)

  • Introduction

In this round the user has entered a new place. They only have one puzzle left in order to grab the King’s crown and finish the game.


  • The Game Play

The user need to click all the fallen animals according to the picture on the top right corner. The user can take their time as long as possible, since there is no timers for this puzzle.

  • Finish The Game (Grab The Crown)

After the user has passed all challenge, they will be able to grab the King’s crown and finish the game!


5. Additional Features

  • Mute / Unmute Button

Kenny The Knight game provides mute/unmute button on each of the layout.


6. Credits

To fulfill the requirements and be thankful to the owner of the assets, We uses a video to display its credits.

7. Download Link

–> Kenny the Knight game (Rar) can be downloaded in this link :¬†Click Here

–> Construct 2 (CAPX) (For Personal use only) can be downloaded in this link: Click Here